• Capital Campaign Review Board

    The Capital Campaign Review was formed to assist Greater Reading's Non-Profits with their fundraising needs. The purpose of this Board is:

    • To evaluate the purposes, justification, and viability of proposed community appeals for capital funds by local agencies, organizations, and institutions who wish to seek funds beyond their own membership.
    • To provide a service to the community by administering a system that evaluates the community's most critical social and economic needs, approves and schedules appeals for capital funds according to the community needs and ability to support them.
    • To report all recommendations made by the Board to member constituencies and the community at large.


    CCRB Board Members

    Scott Gruber, Chairman
    Eric Burkey
    Mike Duff
    Bob Firely
    Bill Gage
    Dave Rick
    Karen Rightmire
    Andy Weidman
    Tammy White
    Doug Yocom


    Approved/Pending Campaigns:

    2017 Campaigns

    Reading Area Community College: $2.0 million

    2016 Campaigns

    Boy Scouts: $2.0 million
    Girl Scouts: $500,000

    2015 Campaign
    Camp Conrad Weiser: $2.0 million

    2014 Campaigns
    Greater Berks Food Bank: $2.5 million
    Vision Resource Center, formerly the Berks County Association for the Blind: $400,000

    2013 Campaign
    Olivet’s Boys and Girls Club: $2.5 million

    2010 Campaign
    Berks Women In Crisis: $2.0 million

    2009 Campaigns
    YMCA: $1.8 million
    Opportunity House: $1.8 million

    2008 Campaigns
    Caron Foundation: $2.5 million
    Alvernia College: $2.0 million


    Considering a Future Capital Campaign? Contact Ellen Horan 610.376.6766 or click on the links below for further information on the procedure for submitting a capital campaign application. Thank you!

    Procedures Manual

    Instructions and Application Manual


    Non-profits play an important role in the communities that they serve.  They provide much needed services that otherwise may be limited or not accessible to the community in need.  Just like any other business, non-profits need to run efficiently and effectively to ensure their longevity so that they can continue to provide to the needs of the community. There are various resources available to assist non-profit organizations.

    Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations (PANO): PANO is the statewide membership organization serving and advancing the charitable nonprofit sector through leadership, advocacy, education and services in order to improve the quality of life in Pennsylvania. For more information on PANO, contact them at 717.236.8584 or visit their website.

    SCORE: The Reading, PA Chapter is part of SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business," a national nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of the nation's small businesses.  Their services are also available to the non-profit community.  For more information or for assistance, call them at 610.376.3497 or visit their website.